Singapore's First
Coffee Restaurant (咖啡餐厅)
Indulge in Your Favourite Food & Beverage in a Cosy Ambience
Good Old
Fashioned Recipes
Indulge in Your Favourite Food & Beverage in a Cosy Ambience
Good Old
Traditional Coffee
Indulge in Your Favourite Food & Beverage in a Cosy Ambience
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Welcome to Attap House Coffee Cafe

Singapore's First Coffee Restaurant

Attap House is Singapore’s first Coffee Restaurant (咖啡餐厅) chain offering comfort local cuisine in a casual and comfortable environment. Unlike local coffee chains that primarily serves traditional kaya toast and Hainanese coffee, Attap House offers a comprehensive all day breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner menu; as well as desserts and a wide range of beverages from traditional local coffee to iced lemon tea.


Like the Cha chan teng culture (茶餐厅) prevalent in Hong Kong, our cafes are set in a charming & warm décor inspired by the traditional Attap Houses in olden Singapore. Our cafe chain offers an affordable menu, which include signature traditional local dishes reminiscent of the good old days.


Come enjoy good old comfort food with your favourite cup of coffee & more.

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Serving you
Singapore's Favourite
Food &

We have been serving irresistible comfort food since 2009.


Our mission is to keep you smiling with every drink and bite.

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Traditional Coffee & Your Favourite Beverages

Come savour our traditional coffee brewed with the coffee sock. Besides your kopi and teh, we serve some of our local's favourite beverages from home made ice lemon tea to barley and grass jelly. Don't forget to enjoy our desserts prepared with our traditional recipes.
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Comfort Food Made with Traditional Recipes

From our signature Peanut Butter Toasts to XX Chicken Cutlet to a steaming hot plate of horfun, all our food are freshly prepared on the spot and made with our traditional recipes. From All Day Breakfast, Lunch, Snack to Dinner, you will enjoy our spread of good old comfort food suitable for the whole family.